Filling and Testing Machines for Fire Extinguishers
Appareils de remplissage et de controle  pour extincteurs


+VULKAN was founded 1921 as fire extinguisher manufacturer
and has been making filling and testing equipment since 1965
for all types of fire extinguishers.

+VULKAN design and manufacture filling and testing machines
for charging and recharging of fire fighting equipment, for all types of extinguishing agents

Our Corporate Company Profile

Design and manufacture Filling and Testing Machines for

Ø        Fire Extinguisher Production

Ø        Fire Extinguisher Qualification

Ø        Fire Extinguisher Service

design and manufacture machines for

Ø    Charging of fire fighting equipment, for all types of extinguishing agents
dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, foam, and also   replacement of halon

Ø    Pressure testing and burst testing of cylinders up to 1000 bar

Ø    filling machines for life raft pressure cylinder filled with
nitrogen /
carbon dioxide

Ø    Test equipment for fire extinguisher qualification

Customer Profile

Ø       Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer

Ø       Fire Extinguisher qualification / approval institutes

Ø       Fire Extinguisher Service Workshops

Ø       Airports / Ports

Ø       Military / Police / Civil Defence

Ø       Municipal Fire brigades

Ø       Works Fire brigades

Ø       Refineries

and also machines for the emptying of chemical containers
barrel emptying equipment offered by us is mainly used in the chemical industry, in pharmaceutics and cosmetics industry where the emptying of powdery products out of barrels is problematic.